What You Can Expect From SCORE Muskegon

SCORE is a volunteer organization that provides free, confidential counseling / mentoring for America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.

SCORE can:

  • Connect you with a counselor who is best suited to respond to your specific situation.
  • Review your proposal, business plan, marketing, or financial plans.
  • Provide you with guidelines, connections, and suggestions to help you succeed.
  • Offer you free or very low-cost seminars and workshops to assist start-ups and established businesses.

SCORE cannot:

  • Get you a grant or loan from anyone.
  • Write your business plan or grant request for you.
  • Suggest that you do anything illegal or unethical.

Your SCORE counselor will:

  • Respect and protect the confidentiality of the business information provided by its clients.
  • Take time to fully understand your idea and offer constructive insights.
  • Guide you to finding your own solutions to your situations.
  • Keep working with you for as long as you believe it is valuable to you. 
  • Always conduct counseling/mentoring and other SCORE activities in a manner that unequivocally places the interests of SCORE clients first. 

Your SCORE counselor will not:

  • Ask for your social security or bank account number.
  • Accept any compensation, honoraria, or things of value for counseling services, nor participate in a SCORE activity that creates a conflict of interest between the volunteer, SCORE’s code of ethics, and the client.
  • Tell you how to run your business.

What You Can Expect from SCORE - download here