Sarah Marshall was in the Air Force and has been an investigator for 20 years since joining the Air Force and continuing into civilian life. She established Off The Grid Investigations in 2016 as a Private Investigator to continue work as an Investigator.

My Successes: 

SCORE mentors Dave Noack and Bill Woods helped Marshall think comprehensively about how to market her business. “I tend to think of things in black and white when it comes to ways of advertising and getting my name out. Bill and Dave broadened my understanding of the resources that are available to me as a business owner,” says Marshall.

A creative approach led to hundreds of new clients and increased revenues.

How SCORE Helped: 

Marshall’s mentors helped her revise some of her previous business decisions. 'I was the one who said ‘I can do it myself’ and insisted I could. Everyone makes mistakes along the way and has to fix them. These people will help you!' Marshall says.

Off the Grid Investigations, LLC